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No contracts! We believe contracts are just a way for businesses to get by with bad service by keeping you locked in. Instead, we choose to keep you coming back with an amazing experience and results🙂

NO! We promise you will never be given any generic diet or strict meal plan. We take a teaching approach to everything that we do. If you like carbs, we’re going to TEACH you how to eat carbs and still reach your goals.🥐🥑🍕🍓

Of course!
First, our coaches know when you are booked in and will be checking in on you if we don’t see you.
Second, you will be part of a sisterhood that will keep you accountable and make you WANT to show up for your workouts.💪
Just don’t expect us to yell at you Biggest Loser style😉

Of course not! We are not supplement salesmen🚫. We are happy to recommend supplements to you based on what you need, but we do not sell or require you to take anything in our program.👍

Most definitely. Most of our members have never worked out before or at least not in many years prior to starting with Pacific Personal Training.
We will design a program that meets you where you’re at, and even provide you a one-on-one session with a trainer to ease you into the program.💯
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